A nice cup 

Good morning, stranger!

Before we go any further, may I ask you a personal question?

Have you nothing better to do than to watch that flat screen in front of you? If no, please carry on, if yes, may I suggest that you switch off your computer?
 Fresh air, neglected old friends, nice food, awful food, unsafe sex... Acoustic reality has so much to offer.

The computer is a thief, it steals your precious time. Sometimes it even steals you -- from your friends, enemies, duties, pleasures, even your destiny.
 The computer replaces so many things, it lets us forget that life is very much a muscular activity.

DOUBTER: Oh God, why didst Thou give me all these superfluous muscles?
GOD: Ever heard of work-out, idiot?
Monomania and fetishism have been exceptions in the past. They are fast becoming the norm. (No, not shoes and panties. I mean computer-fetishism.)

The same can be said about EXILE. The number of homeless people are growing, thanks in part to the growth of Internet. On-line means homeless.
 You say it's really the other way around. I know what you mean. Do you know what I mean?

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