Som jobs I have made as an  "artistjournalist".

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Artists and musicians from the late 60īs

Roger Wallis, article  in  Saxons VT  1970.

Roger left the "music industry" and became later on a wellknown  "radioperson",
in Radio Sweden.

 Roger Wallis, Radio Sweden.


A nice fellow, who made people crazy with his telephonecalls! Many years this man was a
favourite among the musicians in Sweden. His humour was fantastic!


Elleonor Bodel, in a  youthmagazine called Bildjournalen 1966(?)


Elleonor Bodel in a weekly magazine, Saxons VT  16/6-1970 nr 25


"Pancho" Chin-a-Loi, singer, basplayer and a composer and the fantastisc paraguyan harpplayer Sergio Cuevas.


The singer Michael Rickfors, once singer in the gropp "the Hollies"-
This paper here is a PR matearial from his swedish recordingcompany.


A concert pianist, Urban Grape., in 1973. To the right the group Napoleon.


Illustration in a weekly magazine  "Hennes"  in 1970

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