Some pictures from my gigs.

This is really a "egosite"  :-o!

This photo was taken in small town called Katrineholm,  when we palyed at a Pub.
in 1971. Me ( to the left) and  Mia. This gig was one of the first gigs we had outside  Stockholm.
At this time we were a duo, but we had dreams, yes we had, to start up a bigger group.

Me, somewhere in Gothenburg in  1973


A big article published in 1973. I am saying something about
that I want to work with "soft" music.

Our biggiest eveningpaper wrote about us. (Here we are very tired).
Harriet, me and a new member, Inger.


Here the group has expanded. Now we are four members, and the music is nomore
UNT- 1974, Check the attitudes :-)

I am posing somewhere in Sweden. I think this was in 1974.
             Young and proud!

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